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People And Automation Work Side By Side In Modern Factories

Paul Miller 2 days ago
Automation has been an important tool in a manufacturer’s toolbox for centuries. From steam-powered looms to cutting-edge industrial robots, hardware automation arrived first and continues to expand. Over the past decade or so of Industry 4.0, software automation has also grown, with machine learning and artificial intelligence embedded in more and more processes. But my […]

The Future Of Manufacturing

Paul Miller September 28, 2022
In volatile market conditions, manufacturers must become quicker, smarter, and greener to survive. The transformation of traditional — often conservative — manufacturing firms involves more than just making existing physical processes more efficient. Business and technology leaders increasingly work together to build future fit organizations that are adaptive, creative, and resilient, unlocking more sustainable and […]

Emerging Technology: Sustainability’s Friend Or Foe?

Martha Bennett September 8, 2022
Business and technology leaders are increasingly concerned with reducing their firms’ impact on this planet’s finite resources. Join us at Technology & Innovation EMEA to learn more.

In-Car Subscriptions Must Align To Mobility Moments If They Are To Succeed

Paul Miller July 14, 2022
Instead of offering monthly or annual subscriptions to in-car features, align them to customer mobility moments in ways that address customer pain.

Future Fit Manufacturers Evolve Their Platform Strategies To Scale

Paul Miller July 4, 2022
The launch announcements for Siemens Xcelerator and Hexagon Nexus show how platforms are evolving in the manufacturing sector.

Hannover Messe 2022: Smaller But More Focused

Paul Miller June 13, 2022
For the first time since 2019, exhibitors and visitors returned to the Hannover showground this month for the Hannover Messe industrial trade fair. It was great to be back. According to the organisers, the 2019 show attracted more than 215,000 visitors. This year was much smaller — about 75,000 — and you could tell. More […]

Gaia-X And The Sovereign Cloud: From Unicorns And Rainbows To Storm Clouds

Paul McKay May 25, 2022
Gaia-X launched to great fanfare in 2019 as a joint initiative of the German and French governments to reclaim data sovereignty from non-European public cloud providers. Despite hefty promises, production-ready services have not been delivered to the market, with customers continuing to wait like poor Godot. While the hype around Gaia-X has fizzled out, the […]

There’s A Role For 3D Printing In Your Manufacturing Operations

Paul Miller March 22, 2022
It's not just for prototypes and low-quality models. Learn about three areas where 3D printing already delivers real value.

Proposed EU Data Act Places Industrial Platforms At The Heart Of Europe’s Technology Future

Paul Miller March 2, 2022
Europe’s proposed Data Act places the continent’s industrial firms at the heart of a plausible digital renaissance.

Prognosen 2022: Smart Manufacturing

Paul Miller 11 November 2021
Lieferengpässe. Nachhaltigkeit. Innovation. Finden Sie in unseren Prognosen für 2022 heraus, was führende Hersteller planen.

Predictions 2022: Top-Tier Manufacturers Will Prioritize Creativity And Sustainability

Paul Miller November 11, 2021
Supply shortages. Sustainability pressures. Geopolitical tensions. Find out how manufacturers will respond to these unique challenges in our 2021 manufacturing predictions.

When Systemic Risks Collide: Why Supply Chain Issues Are The New Normal

Alla Valente October 26, 2021
Before March of 2020, “supply chain issues” was a term we’d hear after a natural disaster or labor strike — that all ended the moment we ran out of toilet paper. Unquestionably, the supply chain crisis has been a secondary theme of the pandemic, one that continues to escalate. For the 15 months since the […]

Industrial IoT Platform Vendors Focus On Getting The Basics Right

Paul Miller September 15, 2021
In Forrester's 35-criterion evaluation of industrial internet-of-things (IoT) software platform providers, we identified the eight most significant — Bosch, Cisco, GE Digital, Hitachi, PTC, Samsung SDS, Siemens, and Software AG — and researched, analyzed, and scored them.

Experiment, Then Scale: Lessons From Manufacturing

Paul Miller August 24, 2021
What's the best way to scale innovation at your firm? Start by learning from others' missteps. Find out more in this blog post.

Stop, Look, And Listen Before Expanding Your Use Of Workplace Augmented Reality

Paul Miller August 18, 2021
A new Forrester report explains how business leaders should approach broader deployment of AR as one piece of larger employee experience (EX) programs that encourage employees to engage more creatively with the future of their work.

Let’s Refocus Industrial IoT Software Platforms On The Things

Paul Miller May 5, 2021
At Forrester we're refining our definition of what an industrial IoT software platform is while introducing a new term to address broader requirements and use cases.

The Race To Put Cars In The Cloud Is … Confusing

Paul Miller February 15, 2021
Cloud providers and carmakers keep announcing grand partnerships. The reality is more complex and, often, less exciting.

The Next Industrial Revolution Must Celebrate The Worker

Paul Miller February 10, 2021
In the race for efficiency, modernity, and profit, we risk forgetting the needs, value, and importance of our human workforce.

GAIA-X Must Be More Than Just Another European Infrastructure Provider, Or It Will Deliver No Value

Paul McKay November 12, 2020
Today Paul Miller, Tracy Woo, and I released our report that examines the market impact of the GAIA-X project. France and Germany announced an initiative in 2019, which was formalized as the GAIA-X Foundation in early October 2020. For our report, we spoke with several of the GAIA-X founders and studied its potential impact for […]

NVIDIA Arms Itself To Terminate Intel’s Processor Dominance

Glenn O'Donnell September 16, 2020
NVIDIA just announced that it plans to acquire Arm Limited from SoftBank for $40 billion. The combination aims to conquer the enormous compute market that has long been dominated by the x86 architecture (and, thus, Intel and AMD). The x86 platform remains the leader in PCs and data centers, but the future growth prospects lie […]
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