Our first mobile video report posted on our site this afternoon.

We asked consumers about:
– their interest in watching video on a cell phone
– their willingness to pay
– what content interests them
– what length of video interests
– and more ….

I'll be presenting the results of this research next Tuesday in Las Vegas as iHollywood's Mobile Video event at NAB. I'll also be in Las Vegas the following week at IQPC's Mobile Video Revenue Strategies on April 26th and 27th.

I recently got a demo phone from Idetic so that I could try MobiTV. Sprint network. Samsung multimedia phone. The technology is absolutely impressive, and the experience is pretty good. Buffering doesn't take long. The clips are fairly current though I couldn't find – the Sheffield incident during the Red Sox game yesterday – at least in the clips section. Found it on the CNN "live" portion, but just his press conference – not the incident. Likely wouldn't have shown well on a small screen anyway.

"Live" news is a bit choppy, but audio is good – and surprisingly, it didn't matter that much to me.

Talking heads (i.e., reporters giving us the news) do well. Fewer highlights than I expected. Audio is good. I did watch a segment on Discovery about a dog "Spot" who could add and subtract numbers up to five. That was cool. Not so many frames per second, however, do work better if only a mouth is moving versus a dog running around.

I'm currently watching Mighty Mouse – a show I haven't seen since I was in single digits. Cartoons work well – both the animation and length of segment.

The entities producing the content seem to have done well in terms of choosing content that works on a small screen.

Stay tuned. I'm going to see what's new on Vcast when I get to Las Vegas next week. Unfortunately, it still hasn't launched in SF.