Broke my wrist playing soccer at the end of last week.

Finger typing is hard as is using the mouse with my left hand.

Until the 20lb splint is removed from my arm this week and I have surgery on my wrist, I will not have full use of my fingers. Blogging will be light until then.

Here is my wrist about two hours after the break.


Imagine that I am looking down at my right wrist with thumb up. With a wrist this crooked, I didn't have to wait long to be admitted once I arrived at the hospital. (My teammates drove me once the game finished.)

The photo isn't great despite 1.3 megapixel and a flash. Then again, it was hard to get a good angle on my wrist as I was afraid that if I moved my arm, it might hurt. Or worse, the bone fragment that had nicked my skin from the inside out might poke out. As my manager Michael Gartenberg often says, a camera phone with you is always better than the camera at home in your desk drawer. Wished I'd had the presence of mind to record a few more moments for my friends – at one point they hung my fingers from these cages to use gravity to pull the bones back into place. A little pool of blood formed on the tray below. It looked like an instrument of torture. A picture is what is really needed here to do justice to the moment. It was about 2am and they had given me drugs so I wasn't thinking that clearly.

In any case, my cell phone allowed me to share the moment with friends.