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The Retail Race In Healthcare Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint

Arielle Trzcinski 1 day ago
This week, Costco joined the list of retailers looking to capture the hearts and minds of consumers who are frustrated with their healthcare experience. Costco announced a partnership with Sesame, a healthcare marketplace that connects consumers with clinicians across 50 states. Today, Sesame offers both a one-time visit model and a subscription model known as […]

Healthcare Insurers Must Address Trust, Disruptive Competitors, And Platform Modernization To Meet Evolving Consumer Expectations In 2022

Arielle Trzcinski August 17, 2021
The headwinds that rocked health insurers throughout 2021 persist unabated as 2022 nears. As the calendar year approaches its terminus, insurers must remain nimble, deliver on their brand promise, and address immediate competitive threats as legislative requirements loom. In 2021, a plurality of trends emerged for healthcare insurers: Insurers are homing in on measuring and […]

Healthcare Providers Must Address Equity, Burnout, Security, And Digital Experiences To Remain Competitive In 2021

Arielle Trzcinski June 21, 2021
Over the past year, the healthcare industry flexed its strength and accelerated digital transformation timelines at an unimaginable rate. At this midpoint of 2021, healthcare providers (HCPs) must continue to focus on optimizing their newly adopted and expanded care modalities. They must maintain their focus on agility while supporting their employees, protecting vulnerable patient populations, […]

The Connected, Empowered Consumer Will Improve Population Health

Arielle Trzcinski June 3, 2021
Learn how creating connected, empowered, consumers in healthcare will address three major industry pain points: containing chronic care costs, keeping individuals healthy, and decreasing healthcare inequalities.

Dr. Google Just Got Smarter: Big Tech Enters The Dermatology Space

Julie Ask June 2, 2021
Google's AI dermatologist tool will help address key access barriers and empower consumers to take more control of their care.

The State Of Employer Mental Health Support In 2021: Employers Need To Do A Better Job For Their Employees

Arielle Trzcinski May 20, 2021
Amid the pandemic, the need for mental health support rose to unprecedented levels. Learn how employers can drive systemic improvements for employees.

Microsoft Doubles Down On Healthcare And Conversational AI With $19.7B Purchase Of Nuance

Daniel Hong April 15, 2021
Earlier this week, Microsoft announced its intent to acquire Nuance for $19.7 billion in its second-largest acquisition after LinkedIn. For the past 15 years, Nuance has been the largest independent speech recognition vendor servicing healthcare and enterprise customer service markets. With this acquisition, Microsoft gets serious healthcare chops, an arsenal of conversational AI assets (including […]

Provider Enablement Drives Long-Lasting Virtual Care Engagement: Key Takeaways From The Forrester Wave™

Arielle Trzcinski March 24, 2021
Virtual healthcare has become a core component of consumer-clinician engagement. According to the Forrester Analytics Consumer Technographics® US Omnibus Q4 Survey, 2020, 41% of US online adults had a virtual visit for primary care — and the rate of adoption continues to grow. Forrester estimates that the virtual care market will reach $43 billion in […]

What You Need To Know About Amazon Care — The Company’s Virtual-First Healthcare Offering

Arielle Trzcinski March 18, 2021
Amazon announced the expansion of Amazon Care — its virtual care pilot program — to all of its US employees starting this summer. While this is a major milestone in the making, the announcement also highlights what Forrester sees as even bigger industry news: Amazon’s intent to offer the virtual care program as a service […]

How To Calculate The Benefits Of An Employee Mental Health Program

Arielle Trzcinski March 17, 2021
(Paul-Julien Giraud contributed to this blog.) Mental health was already a critical element of an effective employee experience (EX) program before the pandemic, but today, it’s paramount, as new stresses have emerged and employees brace for even more change in coming months. Sadly, many employers still miss the mark on this investment. And it is […]

What A Biden-Harris Administration Means For The Healthcare Industry

Daniel Hong January 26, 2021
The new administration will quickly move to create a healthcare system that tackles key health insurance pain points for consumers: plan quality, accessibility, and costs. Learn what health insurers should expect.

Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, And JPMC’s Haven Disbands — What That Means For Healthcare Companies

Judy Weader January 6, 2021
Some may be breathing a sigh of relief — but this is a temporary reprieve. Healthcare organizations and employers must act now to innovate and rethink the way they deliver healthcare services and coverage.

It’s Time To Put Security And Privacy Front And Center For Virtual Care

Arielle Trzcinski December 22, 2020
(Written with Benjamin Corey, senior research associate at Forrester) Telehealth (virtual care) usage has skyrocketed during the pandemic. When you roll back the tape a few months, healthcare providers were able to (very quickly) stand up virtual care capabilities without having to go through the intensive HIPAA compliance protocols required in the healthcare industry. Some […]

Amazon Launches Pharmacy Offering, Furthering Its Strategy To Make Healthcare Shoppable And Convenient For Consumers

Arielle Trzcinski November 19, 2020
The Amazon Effect Comes Full Swing To Prescription Services Amazon Pharmacy, the company’s much-anticipated online prescription fulfillment service (built from its acquisition of PillPack two years prior), launched this week. With this announcement (and its past healthcare investments), Amazon becomes a direct competitor with legacy retail pharmacies CVS Health, Walgreens Boots Alliance, and others. In […]
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Healthcare Leaders: Review Your Marketing And CX Budgets In The Wake Of COVID-19

Arielle Trzcinski November 11, 2020
Healthcare Leaders: Consider Spending Changes In Five Categories Post-COVID-19 The business effects of the COVID-19 pandemic will be with us for years. However, the consequences of the pandemic are not identical for all companies. Different firms and industries, including healthcare, face disparate consumer trends, resource availability, and revenue potential during the pandemic and its aftermath. […]

The FDA Just Launched A Digital Health Center Of Excellence — Why It Matters And What It Means To You

Arielle Trzcinski October 28, 2020
Last month, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) launched the Digital Health Center of Excellence (DHCoE), bolstering the shift toward digital that the healthcare industry has already been embracing. Investment in digital health is at an all-time high. The market cap created from nine IPOs in 2019 from companies in the digital health space […]

Predictions 2021: Digital Goes Mainstream As The New Normal Sets In For Healthcare

Arielle Trzcinski October 20, 2020
The forced digital transformation of 2020 was just the beginning for the healthcare industry. In 2021, transformation — and not just digital — will continue on a grander scale.

Employee Mental Health Must Be Front And Center For Every Employer

Arielle Trzcinski October 9, 2020
Mental health has become the focus of the discussion when it comes to employee benefits. As an organization — whether you have remained open, are planning for “return to work” in an office setting, or will continue to keep your workforce remote indefinitely — you need an employee mental health strategy. To set the stage: […]
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The Definitive Guide To Digital Health Experiences

Arielle Trzcinski September 11, 2020
As COVID-19 sparked a huge uptake of virtual care, what would have taken years of digital transformation happened in just a few short months. But even before the pandemic, rising consumer expectations and increased competition in healthcare were forcing healthcare organizations (HCOs) to shift from a reactive model to a proactive and personalized one. To […]

FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

Emily Collins September 1, 2020
Amazon Launches Halo, Its First Wearable Health Device For The Average (Budget-Conscious) Consumer This week, Amazon launched Halo, a screenless wearable device that can monitor activity, sleep, temperature, BMI, and emotion. At $99.99 (plus a small monthly service fee for advanced features), the Halo Band sits closer to Fitbit’s fitness trackers (ranging from $99.95–$169.95) than the Apple Watch ($400-plus). It focuses on what consumers want most: tracking fitness-related activity, […]
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