Cheers Pete!  I’m the newest member of Forrester’s
Marketing analyst team and will be focusing my research on database and direct
marketing, essentially helping firms to leverage customer data to enhance their
marketing effectiveness.
Seeing as this is week 3 for me, 5 things unknown is
relatively easy. 

  1. Prior to getting a ‘real job’ I worked in 9 bars in 4
    countries. If I could do a moonlighting
    gig in the US,
    I could make it 10 in 5 and add a second continent…
  2. I am Irish, but was born in England and have a German last name
    from a Canadian grandfather…
  3. One of my ambitions is to visit all 50 US States. As opposed to airport layovers, I’ve decided
    that ‘visiting’ means spending at least one night. I’m only at 18 so far…
  4. I’m a huge cycling fan (European peloton as opposed to Lance-worship)
    and have cycled from NY to Boston and Amsterdam to Paris
    raising money for AIDS charities and research. Other interests are soccer (or football for the
    non-Americans), diving, photography and wine.
  5. I love languages and at one stage or another could speak half-decent French, German, Spanish and Italian.  There’s plenty of people who wish I spoke better (or more understandable) English…  My wife, who was born in Italy but grew up in NY, and I speak Italian to our kids more than we speak English to them. That doesn’t mean that my Italian is any good… 

So, having just joined Forrester from DoubleClick, I’ll tag one of their resident bloggers, Ben, an ex-Clicker Adam, and
ex-Forresterite Jim.