CTIA officially starts tomorrow, but there were quite a few announcements today.

One of the services that really impressed me was Verizon's new broadcast video service. I had the chance today to use the new video service launched on MediaFlo on a Samsung phone. I tuned into the David Letterman show on TV and on the phone. The commercials didn't seem to match exactly, but there only seemed to be a few second delay in the broadcast. Was a bit weird to have it in stereo.

The picture quality was excellent. The content worked well on the small screen. Channels switched fairly quickly. Impressive technology.

The advertising at one commercial break:

TV: Allergies Phone: House ad for CSI
TV: Blockbuster Phone: Ambien
TV: Ford Phone: Ambien (still)
TV: T-mobile Phone: Michelin
TV: house ad Phone: Royal Caribbean
TV: Local spot for home loans
TV: Pizza hut Phone: Dodge
TV: Mitsubishi Phone: Automatic shower cleaner
TV: Local ad Phone: another CBS Mobile house ad

I'm going to have to check in with one of our ad experts about the mix. I "get" not having the T-Mobile ad on the Verizon service. I understand the different house ads (e.g., CBS Mobile). I understand why there are no local ads on the MediaFlo service – yet. The car commercial mix – couldn't sort that out. Also, I know Pizza Hut runs mobile campaigns.

Looks as if the ads are definitely being sold differently for the TV vs. cell phone content.