So, we have been getting a lot of interest in virtualization over the past three months and the space seems to be heating up, so I wanted to quickly post my thoughts. Let me know what you think…Desktop and application virtualization is the future of the corporate PC environment. Why? Because these technologies address many of the manageability and security concerns that enterprises are expressing today. Vendors like VMware, Virtual Iron, and Citrix are marketing these technologies as a way to ease Windows Vista migration woes. However, when do you plan to upgrade? Our data shows that these migrations won’t happen in the mainstream until 2010. In reality, the benefits that users are seeing today come in the form of enhanced data security. When talking with security directors, their concerns are clear: protecting the data. So, justify virtualization today with security — and look to these technologies to help you with your migration later.

But, I would love to hear your thoughts. Are you hearing about virtualization on the desktop? Why are you interested in the technology?

By Natalie Lambert. 

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