RatingHello Forrester clients,

Have you ever noticed the option to rate documents?  Next time you’re on forrester.com, look for the "ratings and comments" box on the right hand side, next to the document body.  If you typically get PDF copies of documents, you can ask your seat holder to rate docs for you.

Why does this matter?  Ratings are one of the best ways to get feedback on our research quality.  We take the numbers pretty seriously – down the line, they figure into performance evaluations and compensation.  I pay attention to the numbers and the comments that go with them critical.  It’s *extremely* helpful to know how to improve.  Sometimes not all improvements can be made, e.g. more specific performance results when a client doesn’t want to release all of their data.

So next time you’re on the site and reading our latest research – let us know what you think!



P.S. Non-clients can register for free temporary access!

  1. Does the question affect your decision to submit a rating?  Right now we ask "how likely is it that you would recommend this document to a colleague?"  Close, but not the same as "how would you rate this document?"
  2. Currently, all ratings are tied to account info, i.e. I get an email whenever someone rates a doc with their name, title, company, and score.  This allows me to follow up on comments and to ask questions.  Would anonymity spur you leave more ratings? (note – you can always comment anonymously below…)