It’s no secret that most enterprise WLAN infrastructure vendors offer base levels of intrusion-detection and intrusion-protection systems in their core solution. When increased security, rogue detection, and data protection is warranted, a third-party solution is often employed. Aruba’s
acquisition of Network Chemistry, however, changes the playing field.

Security enhancements, including more advanced IDS/IPS, are driven by the increase in WLAN deployments — over 50% of enterprises in North America and Europe currently use them — and by the Payment Card Industry specifications for data protection, or PCI. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to see WLAN infrastructure vendors looking to take on more advanced solutions from third-party providers.

Aruba now stands apart with its acquisition, with other vendors relying on third party resale agreements for advanced IDS/IPS. This move is a bit earlier than expected, given the relatively small — but growing — market for more sophisticated IDS solutions. The move does differentiate security capabilities in Aruba’soffering among competitors. What do you think; would a single-vendor infrastructure and IDS/IPS solution make a buying decision easier for you?

By Chris Silva. 

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