Among the many announcements Apple made this morning with the roll out of their new ipod line up and Wi-Fi iTunes store (see my colleague Michael Gartenberg's blog), they are also adding a custom ringtone maker to iTunes (iTunes 7.4). For 99 cents, a user can create a custom ringtone up to 30 seconds long from over a million participating songs on iTunes. Steve Jobs did a demo today – looked very straightforward and easy to do as things always are with Apple and the end-to-end experience they provide. Wow.

I posted a blog back in January when they first launched the iPhone. I wondered about the roll of the carrier. I wondered about mobile content – would there be any? Would third-party developers create games for the iPhone? Who would sell the mobile content as there appeared to not be any AT&T portals/UI on the phone. We begin to see some of the answer now.