world’s No. 1 PC manufacturer just showed how serious it is when it comes to
mobility for businesses. At an event in New York City, HP announced five new iPAQs, which
will reinvigorate their once neglected handheld business. The iPAQ 110 Classic
Handheld and iPAQ 210 Handheld are Wi-Fi-enabled PDAs that
should appeal to customers who need a large display and don’t necessarily want a
full keyboard. The iPAQ 310 Travel Companion boasts a very impressive 4.3 inch
touch-screen display. But HP is really pushing the experience behind planning travel, and it
offers services to plan and customize your trip on your PC and then download it
to the iPAQ. Lastly, we think our enterprise clients will be most interested in
the iPAQ 610 Business Navigator, which offers GPS and Wi-Fi in a candy bar form
factor, and the iPAQ 910 Business Messenger (pictured below) which offers a full QWERTY
keyboard, GPS, and Wi-Fi in a form factor that looks similar to a BlackBerry
8820 and T-Mobile Dash.


As exciting as new device launches
can get, they’re worthless without a comprehensive suite to remotely manage the
devices. This is where HP’s
acquisition of Bitfone
comes into play in the form of the HP
Enterprise Mobility Suite
. It’s a comprehensive mobile device management
suite that enables over-the-air setup, configuration, diagnostics, and security
that should be an easy add-on, as many enterprises are really just starting to
evaluate suites to manage their mobile devices. On top of this, HP unveiled its Enterprise
Total Care Services for anything from managed
application integration to service
desk support.