Can Paixano 
  Originally uploaded by Pete Kim.

I had "dinner" at Can Paixano last night – talk about being social!


During the day, there was a lot of talk about social computing initiatives and we tweeted quite a bit of it.  As I hear about different brands, industries, and technologies, some questions keep coming to mind:

  1. Does it integrate with our existing marketing strategy?
  2. Does it build our brand?
  3. Does it drive profitable business results?
  4. Can we measure it?
  5. Will it scale?

There are probably more questions; these are the highest-level ones that keep coming to mind when I hear people speaking about what they’re doing or recommending to clients.

Good case study examples should answer all of those questions – we’re past social computing 101.  Brands still need 101-type information and there’s still a lot of learning left out there.  What it means is that people who are put on stage these days as experts should be delivering the goods, better.