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Lancome creates Beauty Buzz

Michel Campan, VP of Interactive Marketing and CRM

From Web 1.0 Leader to Pioneer in Web 2.0

Lancome has a large web presence with 27 separate websites for the brand.  Launched interactive marketing portal in Europe called "Who loves men".  Also launched a product within second life, when the visitors touch the new product bottle, they receive information, and messages.  Michel demonstrated many interactive marketing and online advertising techniques, including localization in Japan and China.  While these were good examples of interactive marketing, it was a stark difference in approach from what Dove has been doing.  I’m not quite sure if this is an example of "Web 2.0", but really "Advertising 1.0", but I suspect it’s appropriate given the target audience of make up consumers.  On the flip side they had a blogger party in Paris for 307 bloggers, great move!  I encourage Lancome to consider using more authentic social media tactics by encouraging customers to submit content, include their videos, their blogs, and their voices in shaping their marketing.

Key take away: Different brands approach social media in various ways, often supporting brand values.

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