Today VMware announced its acquisition of application virtualization vendor Thinstall. For those not familiar with Thinstall, it is one of the leading app virtualization (and streaming) solutions providing customers the ability to isolate applications, eliminate application incompatibility issues, and simplify patch management. This acquisition will further VMware’s leadership in the client virtualization market by adding yet another virtualization solution to its portfolio. Now, VMware will offer customers a slew of desktop and application virtualization technologies across both mobile and non-mobile users in the enterprise.

For current Thinstall customers, this is all goodness. VMware has committed to keeping the product on the market with full client support and updates. VMware will, however, complete a re-branding exercise in the second half of 2008. Furthermore, VMware plans to keep in place all OEM partnerships, such as BMC software and LANDesk, which use the Thinstall software to add value to their client management solutions.

This acquisition strengthens VMware’s play in client virtualization – as if they needed it… By providing an app virtualization solution, VMware believes that they can accelerate the deployment of their desktop products VMware ACE and VMware VDI, as they will now offer a more comprehensive solution.

Another point for VMware.

By Natalie Lambert

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