[Posted by Jeremiah Owyang]

I often advise my clients to keep blogs human, conversational, and in context for customers –it’s the opposite of what marketing has been in the past.

Yet team blogs are a unique beast, it’s a great way to show a lot of different types of ideas from different analysts, but at the same time, it’s difficult to hear or see individual personalities. 

A reader recently mentioned to me that it was hard to tell who was publishing specific posts on our blog, so we’re getting nice and friendly on each of our posts by showing our picture, and also spelling out who the author was, and a link to our related research.

Profile pics and links are great and all, but we’re not done trying to write a great blog.  In the near future, we’re going to find out more about what you want from this blog (as researchers, we love to get feedback) so we can continue to improve, so stay tuned for that.

We’d like to thank Corey Mathews from our web team who recently
refreshed the look of the blog, really a more energizing feel, thanks

Thanks again for reading, really, thanks!  We’ll continue to share interesting content, and look forward to your reactions in the comments and from your own blogs.