[Posted by Christine Spivey Overby]

I lead Forrester’s Interactive Marketing team, and I’d like to welcome to the newly-minted Forrester Blog For Interactive Marketers. Some of you may be thinking – Wait! I’ve been coming to this blog for years. What gives?

It’s true that for some time now, we’ve been posting on a variety of topics. But as those of you who have or follow blogs know, over time each blog starts to take on its own life with a decidedly unique voice. This one has become the de facto place for our interactive marketing analysts to share their musings and opinions on all things digital. So we’re making it official, and in doing so aiming to bring you content with a laser-focus on your role. So stick around for posts from Pete, Shar, Jeremiah, Julie, Rebecca, Josh, Charlene, and me.

You’ll still be able to find other marketing topics covered on similar Forrester blogs. For example, my colleague Jaap Favier leads our Marketing Leadership team, and he, Mary Beth Kemp, Brian Haven, and others will post on a blog dedicated to Marketing Leaders and CMOs, which you can find here.

We hope you enjoy this focus. As always, we’d love to hear you questions, comments, and feedback!

Happy blogging!