I wrote an article for RCR last summer on how Presidential Candidates were using SMS and blogged.

Interestingly enough, the two candidates utlizing SMS are still in the race. (Ok, they likely also raised the most money and had the bandwidth, staff, and organization necessary to use SMS)

So, their use of SMS has become more sophisticated. Frequency is down – perhaps driven by the fact that there are fewer debates. Nice relief from receiving multiple messages per day from a single candidate. They are now on to "breaking news" which is a good use of SMS.

Here are a few I've received lately:

"After tonight's tremendous victory in West Virginia, this race is far from over. Keep the momentum going at www.hillaryclinton.com. Thanks for everything."



Not viral, but succinct.

Breaking: John Edwards just endorsed Barack Obama. Spread the word & ask 5 friends to join our movement for change by texting HOPE to 62262. Forward this msg!

Typical Obama messaging – viral + breaking news. Different style from Hillary and more appropriate than a URL jammed into an SMS message. Hillary … few cell phone users browse on their cell phones … and I haven't looked it up, but have you registered with dot Mobi?


And from Hillary this evening …

Tonight we won Kentucky and once again, we showed America what we're made of. Thank you so much. Keep the momentum going at www.hillaryclinton.com – Hillary

Consistent messaging. Same feedback.