Kayak has launched information tools to provide travelers with details on some of the greatest pain points in travel:

Airline fees are extensive, vary between carriers, and change frequently. In response, Kayak has posted a Fees Chart which is particularly handy when comparison shopping includes checked bags fees.

The quality of some flights is, well, let’s say “less than ideal”. Kayak has launched a “Flight Quality Warning” which serves as a filter helping travelers identify short connections, long layovers, few seats remaining, turbo prop planes and those flights with an on-time record of 75% or less.

In response to record high gas prices, Kayak has launched a Miles Per Gallon (MPG) filter and Fuel Cost Calculator on the results page of its rental car search.

We talk a lot about how user generated content has redistributed power to travelers. It is true: social marketing has had a massive impact on online travel planning.

But sometimes, the power is simply in information. Kayak has given this to travelers by providing information tools that are timely, relevant, and easy to find.