I saw my first really good example today of using location to add context to content. It was simple, but good … and to me I define good as useful/providing some utility.

I received an email from Orbitz alerting me to the fact that the Republican Nat'l Convention is in Minneapolis/St. Paul at the same time I will be there, and as a result, there could be a lot of traffic on specific highways.

There is a time component i.e., the dates I will be there. There is the location component. They know what highways are near the airport. They've predicted the impact of an event co-located in the city I'm visiting. It's well done.

This isn't mobile, but this is a great example of using context to deliver relevant content.

I write a lot about location-based services and how to use an individual's current or future location to serve relevant content or ads. It's the kind of content I want on my cell phone.

Not sure who did this for Orbitz, but I'd be interested in hearing more about your technology.