So it looks like the mobile industry concept of ‘unlimited’ (i.e. limited to ‘fair-use’) is to be applied to CWM. From the small print:

At the time of launch downloading of the tracks is not restricted unless usage is not considered to be for personal usage or user is using any unsupported applications or connection methods. If average usage for all users reached predefined levels Nokia is allowed to restrict number of downloads for individual users

Devil of course is in the detail.

Also, crucially, CWM customers, who will be on pre-pay of course, will have to pay all data charges incurred when downloading:

No additional charge for content is made per download – the music is “free” at the point of download and no prices are displayed to CWM users. End user would still be responsible for any data charges involved

That should generate some pretty rapid usage of pre-pay credits in the initial weeks as customers fill up their phones. Clearly this is viewed as a key tactic for CPW to drive their mobile broadband business. But there is a disconnect here – the services is for pre-pay customers only. But it would seem to be geared towards migrating customers to subscription mobile broadband. But if they become subscription customers, would they still be allowed to have access to CWM?