I’ve been trying to get hold of a track called “My Drive Thru”, a collaboration by Pharrell Williams, Julian Casablancas and flavour of the moment Santogold. I’ve not been able to find it on iTunes nor other download stores. After putting out an SOS on Twitter I was directed to Converse.com. Turns out the track was commissioned by Converse for their centenary celebrations and is available there, and only there, for download, absolutely free.

This is a big investment by Converse and they’re lucky to have got themselves a corker of a track. To my shame I should have know about this months ago, but in my defence I haven’t see any of Converse’s marketing anywhere (might have been different if I was US based) and the song’s video has no branding on it, which is a brave move by Converse. That aside this is an example of how brands and music coming together doesn’t have to fall into the artistic integrity compromising “Next to sponsor Radiohead” camp.