Someone recently told me that he received some weird E-mail updates from my blog. On several occasions he got repeated alerts about the same post and once or twice he got a message about a very old blog post, which was puzzling.

Forrester's online community manager, John Cass, investigated the issue. Apparently, it's a known problem with the Feedburner solution that Forrester uses to generate E-mail updates. It seems that Google, the company that acquired Feedburner, has not fixed the problem, despite several requests from users. You can see a couple of online threads (going back to March 2008) that discuss this issue:

I am concerned that this may be quite irritating for people who want to follow my blog. Please let me know if you've received any weird E-mails related to this blog. You can enter a response to this post, or you can write me at jbrowne at forrester dot com.

If necessary we'll find an alternative solution.