There’s been plenty of news on the state of the economy and how it’s affecting everything from the length of the work week to the ability to travel, even Steven Colbert has been forced to make some changes.

It’s been said, though, that it’s always a recession in IT Operations. Companies look to the advantages technologies like mobile and remote access, unified communications, virtualization and IT consolidation as ways to reduce cost while keeping – and in many cases, expanding – functionality.

So what are your peers doing to keep IT budgets in check and save their organizations money during this financial tumult?  I’m looking to our research panel to find out. We’re currently in the process of fielding a panel survey to assess the measures organizations are taking to reduce costs and make and I’d like you to participate. While this research is in the field, joining our research panel gives you the opportunity to share your best practices, a link to join is here:

Join Our Research Panel!

All of the responses will be anonymous and will be aggregated. You give a little and get a lot, lending some time and your insights into how your IT organization is run while gleaning cross-industry insights on how IT plans to weather the rough road ahead.

I’m looking forward to your responses!

By Chris Silva

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