Asiajin reports that Gree will make a public offering – following in the footsteps of Mixi. You might recall that Charlene Li calculated that Mixi's value translated into $200 per user at that time.

Young Japanese people have adopted Social Networks in a big way. (But not quite as much as Koreans).


I took a look at Gree in August this year – for a report in which I compared the ease of sign-up at three social networks (Mixi, Gree and Cafesta). Using an abbreviated Web Site Review methodology, I found Gree to be very close to Mixi in terms of usability. (Just one point behind Mixi).

Back in August, I estimated that there were almost three times as many Mixi members (14.01 million) as there were Gree members (5 million) … Today, Gree claims to have seven million members.

Imagine if Gree got the same value per user as Mixi … multiply $200 X 7million …  $1.4 Bn.

Not gonna happen!

Now is not the time to be GREEdy.