eApple recently released its top downloaded applications on the AppStore since launch in July 08. No mention of the split here between apps downloaded on the iPhone and on the iPod touch.

Top 10 Free Downloads (Overall). My comments in italic

1-Pandora Radio (music, 2 million iPhone subs who spend 90 minutes listening on average)
2-Facebook (social networking)
3-Tap Tap Revenge (game)
4-Shazam (music)
5-Labyrinth Lite Edition (game)
6-Remote (entertaining app)
7-Google Earth (only launched 2 months ago!)
8-Lightsaber Unleashed (cool and fun app, close to a game for Dark Vador fans…)
9-AIM (highlights the strength of AOL Instant Messaging in the US vs Europe)

My first take:

– 2 music apps in the Top 5, highlighting the role of free in music today. I wonder what are the stats on iTunes. How does buying tracks on iTunes from the iPhone / iPod touch perform?
– lots of gaming / entertaining apps
– 2 social networking / IM apps in the top 10
– Where’s video???

Top Paid Apps (Overall):

1-Koi Pond
2-Texas Hold’em (game)
3-Moto Chaser (game)
4-Crash Bandicoot: Nitro Kart 3d (game)
5-Super Monkey Ball (game)
6-Cro-Mag Rally (game)
7-Enigmo (game)
8-Pocket Guitar

Well, doesn’t it speak for itself? The iPhone (and to a lesser extent the iPod) are gaming platforms. Beyond the great user experience, the good marketing catalyst and the need for game developers / publishers to look for new source of revenues, there is another explanation: it is easier to merchandize content on the iPhone than on operator decks. More on this on my personal blog.

UPDATED: According to Macworld’s iPhone Central, Apple has purchased full-page ads in both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal that include the news – in small print at the bottom of the ads – that the iTunes App Store has now distributed "over 300 million" iPhone apps from a total of "over 10,000" titles available. I was initially skeptical that Apple could sustain such a high growth-rate since the beginning of the AppStore launch, back in July 2008. That’s really a significant number.