[Posted by Neil Strother]


Spending on mobile advertising just got a boost. Jaguar and
Land Rover committed this week to a combined $1.6 million mobile ad buy buy for


That might not mean much in other channels, but for mobile
this is significant. Few brands have devoted that much money to mobile in a
single year. And it shows that even in a recession some are willing to spend,
especially to reach consumers who increasingly access Web content from cell
phones. (You can view a report on mobile Web adoption, if you’re a
Forrester client, or arrange to buy it if you aren’t.)


The two luxury auto brands – now controlled by India’s Tata Motors – will split the budget on
campaigns through AdMob’s U.S. network – a nice lift for AdMob itself as the mobile ad network continues to gain ground.


Is your brand budgeting on mobile in a significant way in
2009? If so, I’d like to hear about it for upcoming reports. Send an email to