Sharvanboskirk [Posted by Shar VanBoskirk]

During my presentation at Forrester's Marketing Forum on April 23,  I previewed Forrester's latest forecast of interactive marketing spend.  We expect marketer spend on display media, search, email, mobile and social media to reach nearly $55 billion by 2014.

Forecast slide   

This growth is due to marketers seeking lower cost, more accountable channels which are also widely used by their customers.  This year, we are also finding that marketers are migrating dollars away from traditional channels and into interactive ones.

Traditional tools losing share  

Direct mail and print are suffering the most loss to interactive tools.  According to our survey, 40% expect to cut direct mail budgets, while 35% will decrease newspaper spend and 28% will slash magazine money in order to spend more in interactive media.

Print and direct mail lose the most share  

I'm actually currently at work on Forrester's full forecast report detailing the growth trends around each of the channels itemized in this forecast.  Look for that report – which will include additional data and explanation — on our site around the first part of June.