I was watching TV last night when one of Apple's iPhone commercials targeting a "persona" or segment came on TV. Love these commercials. Growing their user base requires them to move beyond early adopters.

This one was targeting small business owners. They showed credit card processing (cool!), label printing (ok, that seems hard) and FedEx shipment tracking (ok, very, very useful again and not just for small business owners).  I imagine these applications get a lot more interesting with 3.0.

Who will they target next? Doctors? Sales people? Dog owners? Zookeepers? Distributors? Restaurant managers? Ok, sounds far-fetched, but why not? The vast majority of cell phones in the workplace are brought to work by the individual. Let's see more of these commercials – we all need more reasons why our employers should volunteer to pay our monthly data plans. Help us rationalize the purchase and monthly service plans with productivity applications.