We hear a lot about the exciting stuff that US marketers are doing in social media, but it's important to realise that, whilst consumers in many markets in Europe may not be quite as active as US consumers (even though over half of online Europeans use social media regularly, and my next report will be looking at our brand new 2009 Social Technographics data, so watch this space!) a lot of interesting experimentation is happening here in Europe too. My latest report "The Practicalities of Social Media Marketing" highlights some of them, with case studies from Daimler, Ford, Carphone Warehouse and Innobasque, showing how these brands are reaching out to, talking to and supporting consumers in Europe using social media.

For example, Daimler shared with us how their blog works to engage stakeholders both internally and externally, whilst Ford and their agency We Are Social reached out to influencers in the arts world to spread awareness of the new Ford Fiesta through the This Is Now strategy, generating over 40,000 submissions so far (you can also read more information on the case study here


If you have any more examples of interesting social media marketing activities in Europe – and you've got ideas on how you can measure the success of those ventures  -I would love to hear from you; rjennings@forrester.co.uk.