As a Forrester analyst, I talk directly to product managers, product marketers, product VPs, development managers, CEOs, you name it. Sometimes, I discover that people in these roles don't know the full range of research, data, and other services that Forrester provides to them as our clients. Therefore, I thought it would be worth a quick post about one of these services, inquiries.

Have a question? Set up a 30 minute inquiry and we'll do our best to answer it for you. Since my research covers a bundle of related topics–product management, product marketing, requirements, Agile, social media, product strategy, etc.–the questions sent my way usually fit into these categories. I also get no small number of questions that fall naturally into the penumbra of these topics, such as market development, innovation, standards, and tools. Here are some recent examples:

  • What are the best practices for getting the most out of the PM team?
  • How do technology companies organize and staff product demo teams?
  • Where is Agile adoption today in the technology industry?
  • Has anyone been successful in using social media as a source of innovation?
  • How can we add a product management function in our services company?
  • What's the adoption of SaaS-based public services?

You pick the format for the response, e-mail or phone call.

If I get a question that's not in my bailiwick, I'll help our Inquiries team steer the question to the right people. For example, Tim Harmon is usually best for SMB-related topics, while Jennifer Belissent covers international markets.

To arrange an inquiry, you can use your Forrester account to log into our web site and pose your question. (Every research document has a similar link to the inquiry request form.) Alternately, you can use the e-mail address to contact the Inquiry team.

So, fire away.

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