By Peter O'Neill

We are just starting our research for the next Vendor
Positioning Review of IT management software vendors
. While they all accepted
our emphasis on BT instead of IT, many vendors actually ridiculed our VPR methodology focus on the website when we started these reports (“our customers don’t care about the website, they talk
to us”). But it must now be clear to everyone in the technology industry how
important B2B digital media has become. Our most recent data shows that the
percent of technology buyers that are most advanced in using social media, what
we call the Creators and Critics, is nearly double that of the US population in

Our plan with this VPR report is to highlight an IT
management software best practice in each of the categories that we evaluate.
These are listed below and remember, it is all about how well you present
business technology as opposed to just technology. Just as a reminder, we
evaluate the positioning of both the corporation and the products as follows:

Corporate Positioning

Corporate strategy










Growth objectives



Corporate marketing














Web site




Corporate sales





Sales alignment




Sales skills





Channel/alliance management

Product Positioning

Product strategy





Road map





Implementation strategy


Product messaging





Role-based targeting



Business value communication


Business issue resolution



Business justification



So, here is in invitation. While we will be doing our own
research, you have the chance now to influence our selection. If you think that
your own website could qualify as a best practice, then let us know and point
us to that page. If we agree, then we will highlight that page in our report. I
look forward to hearing from you.  

Always keeping you informed!