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The Red Kettle Campaign: An Inspiration For Digital Changes To Demand Programs

Rani Salehi December 14, 2020
Marketers unsure of how demand programs may perform have held back investments, but reassessing the marketing mix to prioritize a richer set of digital tactics is essential in this changing environment. ’Tis the season to update your digital programs to create a fresh approach to your buying audiences.
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Let’s Hear It for Buying Groups Fueling Revenue Growth Through an Overall Demand and Account-Based Strategy

Rani Salehi June 17, 2020
  • Optimizing the revenue engine requires interlock and focus at a group level from sales, product, and marketing
  • Identifying members of the buying group and uncovering account activity increases focused marketing efforts and selling opportunities
  • Tracking target demand to closed revenue using buying groups puts your finger on the pulse of aligning each stage of demand and elevates rapid scaling of business growth
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The Buyer’s Journey in the Age of the Customer

Rani Salehi March 23, 2020
  •  In the age of the customer, buyers are creating their own journey
  • Every B2B buyer is also a B2C consumer, which means buyers’ expectations have increased
  • Several strategies can help you map your web conversion optimization to meet buyer needs
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