Rosslyn announced today the launch of its free SaaS automated spend analysis tool, RA.Pid. This effort to bring spend analysis to the masses enabled by a SaaS deployment model is long overdue. Traditionally we see spend analysis solutions deployed as license based solutions installed locally on site. In today’s economy, companies are looking for alternatives to that model and Rosslyn really hits the mark with this offering. What was previously reserved for the most advanced procurement and sourcing teams is now being packaged into a simpler to use and setup solution — enabling less advanced companies to get their feet wet. Click here to see the press release.

We followed up with some key questions you are likely asking about this free solution. Here are the highlights:

Forrester: How long can the user stay active without a fee? What other terms and conditions should we know about?
Rosslyn Analytics: Organizations can use RA.Pid for free as long as they want.  The only caveat is that one person per company is permitted to use RA.Pid for free. Subsequent corporate licenses cost $150 per person, per month. 

Forrester: Are there any limitations on the volume of data? Number of uploads? Interfaces? 
Rosslyn Analytics: The data limit is 100 MB. This means a user could upload as many completed data templates (as many times as they want) up to this limit. 

Forrester: Who owns the data? For example, does Rosslyn own it and could you in turn use it for benchmarking with other clients?
Rosslyn Analytics: Rosslyn Analytics does not own the data. However, in the terms and conditions of the contract, we request that the data is used in the strictest confidence, and anonymity, for benchmarking purposes.

Forrester: Can free users leverage your help and support just like a regular user?
Rosslyn Analytics: Yes, there is a comprehensive online/email support service that has been designed to make sure it’s a simple user experience.

Forrester: What reports exactly are available out of the box for free users?

Rosslyn Analytics: Users have access to more than 20 ready-to-use “slice and dice” reports.

As a side note, we also recently completed an interview with one of Rosslyn’s references and they spoke highly of the solution. For those companies seeking a spend analysis solution and looking for an alternative to the usual suspects, Rosslyn is a good option to consider. Let us know what you think. And especially if you sign up and try out the software, send us a review.

Patrick Connaughton, Senior Analyst