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I'm hosting a panel on Millennials and TV at the Future of Television Conference later this week. I'm sure we'll talk about social media. And you might be surprised to see that one segment of the Millennial generation – today's teens – are perhaps more brand-loyal than you think. They just like to try new things more than adults do, and they depend on friends' advice more.

From a Forrester report (behind the paywall) on teen coolhunting:

Sixty percent of online teens say that when they find a brand they
like, they'll stick to it, a figure that's just about the same as for
online adults. However, nearly two-thirds of teens are willing
to try something new. And three
times more teens than adults say they're influenced by what's hot.

Two-thirds of online teens surveyed said they tell friends about
products — that's almost twice as many as adults — and more than 70% of
teens use social networks regularly. So it's critical for marketers to
understand how to best use social networks to reach teens and to help
them spread the word. Tapping into entertainment users,
who are also cross-category influencers, is key.