Maybe it’s because it’s planning season. Maybe it’s because they’re just tired of focusing on cost-cutting and incremental improvements. Or maybe the IT to Business Technology (BT) shift – where the boundary between IT and the business is blurred as businesses become ever more technology dependent and technologically savvy – is becoming a reality and pushing CIOs to stay even further ahead of their business counterparts.

Whatever the reason, my conversations with CIOs these days always seem to turn to the topic of IT trends and what they mean for IT leaders. They don’t want a laundry list of technologies, they want to know what BIG trends they should care about how they should factor them into their plans – and efforts to help drive innovation throughout their organizations. So needless-to-say my standard “IT Trends” shtick has gotten a lot of airplay in one-on-one conversations with senior IT leaders. Which led us to the obvious conclusion: Why not take this conversation to a broader audience?

So that’s what we’re doing. We’re conducting a free webinar that will explore the key trends that Forrester believes are truly game-changing: Consumerization of IT (or Groundswell as we like to call it here at Forrester), Lean software, and cloud computing. Our resident experts in these topics, Forrester analysts John R. Rymer and Ted Schadler, will join me in an overview and discussion of:

• The “what” and “why” of Lean software, cloud computing, and the consumerization of IT
• Case study examples of organizations that are successfully harnessing these trends
• Key questions and challenges we’ve heard from our clients — and what it means for you

Please join us for a complimentary webinar on December 8, at 11AM EDT — “Harnessing Key IT Trends– Three Tech Movements CIOs Should Know”