As we come to the end of the year, many predictions are made by many pundits and Forrester is responsible for a number of them. On the Marketing Leadership team, we have been writing about the future of brand management, the role of the CMO across the company, and the impact of the Media Meltdown on Marketers (note, these link to report excerpts for Forrester clients).

Our latest colleague to write, research, blog, and tweet about the world we live in as marketers is Augie Ray, who joined Forrester a few months ago from Fullhouse, an agency in Milwaukee, WI to write for Interactive Marketing professionals. He’s is on board with a number of ideas that we have put out, and has put out his first blog post — a predictive view of the Marketing discipline – here.

Do you agree with Augie? Let us know where you think the reinvention of marketing will take us in 2010 and beyond.