We’ve recently published our annual report on the state of consumers and technology focusing on our neighbors to the North. This comprehensive report focusing on Canadian consumers mirrors the report we put out earlier this year on US consumers’ adoption of technology. The great thing about this is that you can easily compare these North American neighbors.

While many behaviors of the two groups are similar there are also some differences. One notable difference is the amount of time these two groups spend online. While the numbers may look close among younger groups, older US consumers spend more time logged in than their Canadian counterparts. What’s also intriguing about online usage is that even though Canadian consumers log fewer hours online, they are actually bigger adopters of social networking.


US BM time online


CA BM time online


The report describes the current state of device and service adoption, and it provides an overview of Canadian consumers’ demographics, behaviors, and technology attitudes by life stage. Some other insights we found include

  • Families — both young and old — are the most enthusiastic adopters of technology, both for the household and for their personal use. PC ownership reaches an impressive 94% among families, and more than two in five Canadian households own at least two.
  • While digital television households — led by young families — are now the majority in Canada, nearly one-quarter of households still rely on analog cable.
  • Consumers’ time is almost split evenly between new and traditional media sources. This trend is exemplified in the cross-channel usage seen among such sites as the Weather Channel , Fox and CNN.  However, for young singles and families the time they spend online far outranks the time they spend with traditional media.

If you’re looking for data on Canadian consumers and technology then this report should serve you well. For more information on data we have on Canadian consumers check out our Technographics program.