Here are the industry results for the 2010 Customer Experience Index…

2010 CxPi Industry Scores

The industry CxPi data shows that:

  • Retailers, hotels, and parcel delivery services lead. Three industries at the top of the ratings, retailers (82%) hotels (80%), and parcel deliver services (78%) were the only industries to receive “good” average ratings. Only health insurance plans (51%) ended up with a “very poor” average rating
  • Retailers and ISPs are heading in opposite directions. We examined the industry results over the last three years of CxPi results. Of the nine industries that we’ve examined for all three years, two have been on steady paths. Retailers have improved every year, going from 78% in 2007 to 82% in 2010. ISPs, on the other hand, have dropped consistently from 62% in 2007 to 57% in 2010.
  • TV service providers improved the most. We also examined the changes from last year’s CxPi. Led by a five percentage point gain from TV service providers, seven industries made improvements in their overall CxPi scores. Banks and credit card providers, on the other hand, had the largest declines.