If you are considering using QR-, Microsoft, 2D barcodes, you should buy a copy of the March issue of Lucky Magazine. They are working with GetTag on promotions throughout the magazine.

Lucky Cover

Here's what I liked about what Lucky did:

1) Instructions upfront in the magazine. The instructions tell me WHAT I will get if I download and use this application. There is value to me – see images below. The use of the word "smartphone"? Ok, normally, I'd consider this a bit risky, but it works for them. First, if I have a smartphone and know how to download an application, I am more likely than not to know that I have a smartphone. This is NOT GUARANTEED – many have no idea what kind of cell phone they have. I don't know Lucky's target age with certainty, but my bet is that it is young and they know what smartphones are.

Get tag instructions

2) They send their readers to a dot mobi site. Generally, I wouldn't be a huge fan of "go type in this URL on your cell phone," but it turned out to be very efficient. The URL had a deep link into Apple's app store where I could download this application.

When I generally searched for barcode readers on the App store, I received "no search results" because "readers" with an "s" could somehow not be matched to "reader." Really?

Barcode empty search app store

When I was able to figure out that the word reader isn't plural, I got this list. With different formats and some free/some paid … how to figure it all out? So a deep link? Good idea.

Barcode search results

3) I tried out the application, and it worked really well. Instructions were clear. Loading a video was a wait, but the content was unique and helpful.

4) The codes were used for a mix of content and advertising.

5) They had quite a few advertisers involved – Lacoste (link to a Web site), Tocca candles,  Redken, Aussie (and nine ways to fix your roots), "4 ways to wear an oversize white shirt," "how to wear blue," and "how to shop for jeans." (Okay, women … take the shoes you are going to wear with the jeans shopping with you. We know that, but we forget.) So, there was critical mass so to speak – not just one ad with a code. There were enough in the magazine that you couldn't miss them.

Lacoste ad (in color!)


Buying Jeans

 Buy jeans

And finally, how to wear an oversize white shirt!

White shirt