During Forrester’s most recent 2010 Global Business Process Improvement Online Survey of 141 companies we identified three types of organizations: a) organizations in which the process improvement team works separately from IT (to the extent they operate entirely independently); b) organizations where IT leads the improvement program and c) organizations where the process improvement team operates independently, but works closely with IT. 


I have two questions to you:

  1. Which of these three types is more mature from a governance point of view a, b, or c?
  2. For the type you think to be most mature, who is responsible, accountable, contributing and informed (RACI) for making process improvement decisions?


Connie Moore and I have recently published a research document based on in interviews with individuals responsible for business process management (BPM) initiatives in 28 companies to understand how companies drive BPM. Using the Forrester’s business technology matrix we also performed several assessments of the BPM governance maturity level of several companies.  


Derek Miers and I will discuss the answers to the two questions above and the insights from interviews and assessments during the Forrester Teleconference of March 30.


I look forward with pleasure to meeting you there.