We surveyed over 150 marketers and customer intelligence professionals on their use of campaign management solutions. I just published our findings from this study in a report focused on trends in cross-channel campaign management. While some of the findings were not a surprise, the study revealed many interesting data points that are worth revisiting. Some of the key trends the study revealed were:

  1. Marketers focus on longer term relationships – over 40% have stayed with the same provider for more than 3 years.
  2. Marketers use a few key channels like email (84%), direct mail (66%), and web site (55%)
  3. Integration capabilities and costs as the key selection drivers when it comes to cross channel campaign management solutions.

Some of the more surprising data points include:

  1. Despite the renewed focus on retention, few marketers can claim to be skilled at managing customer churn.
  2. While the majority of the respondents were not net promoters, few were actually inclined to switch providers. Why not? High switching costs and tight integration with vendor solutions make it hard for marketers to unravel existing implementations.
  3. Marketer satisfaction and dissatisfaction is hard to pin down. Marketers were all over the map on their thoughts about their solutions. Broadly, the highest levels of dissatisfaction were with contact optimization, online/offline integration as well as inbound/outbound integration.

If you are marketing practitioners using a cross channel campaign management solution, I would love to hear your thoughts on your solution.