Regular readers of the Consumer Product Strategy blog will know that we put a lot of store in the value of product innovation for media companies in the digital age. We’re taking this theme further with our latest initiative, the Forrester CPS podcast ‘Find Your Popcorn’, and in turn experimenting with some of our own research product innovation.

Over the coming month, CPS media analyst Nick Thomas will be recording podcast episodes and posting on the ‘Find Your Popcorn’ theme. This research theme investigates new ways to generate revenue from content in the digital age and the kinds of new product models that can and should be developed. It is essential information for product strategists at media companies and technology companies alike.

Throughout the ‘Find Your Popcorn’ series, our intention is to expose the report writing process to the external marketplace and to give you, the audience, the opportunity to participate in the discussion and debate. So over the coming weeks, we will be experimenting with different ways of using the podcast format and we encourage you to give us feedback both on the content and the deliverable itself.

Forrester clients will additionally get an exclusive full-length video deliverable to accompany the final report.

The first ‘Find Your Popcorn’ episode is already live and can be viewed here.

And if you want to get this and future episodes delivered straight to your iPhone or iPod you can subscribe at iTunes here.

If you prefer you can watch the podcast series directly on YouTube here.

The second episode will be up later this week. Keep checking in at the CPS blog for further updates and do let us know your thoughts.