When designing application infrastructure strategy, planning for the renewal of their application landscape, or assessing their overall strategic position, banks and other types of firms in financial services typically like to know the answer to the question: “What are the others doing?” In the past, surveys similar to our newest financial services survey helped application delivery professionals as well as enterprise architects assess their position, for example, regarding application infrastructure strategy as well as broader application renewal initiatives and position their individual initiative in the regional or global IT and business environment.

Past Forrester studies surveyed financial services on IT and application infrastructure, application renewal, and banking platform transformation topics. However, the last survey took place in 2007 and had a mainly European focus. That survey yielded a couple of relevant results, such as how advanced participating banks were regarding the renewal of their application landscape. However, considering in particular the comparably low amount of off-the-shelf activity in 2009, banks and other financial services firms clearly need more current results with a regional focus that reaches beyond Europe.


Source: November 13, 2007, “European Financial Services Apps Show New Focus And Pace” Forrester report

Forrester has just started surveying banks in North America, Europe, and further geographies about the current state of their application landscape, their key issues and concerns, and their plans for the future. At a high level, the survey is designed to answer the question: “What are others doing?” Phrased in a different way, it targets the question: “What are the key trends regarding application renewal in financial services in its multiple facets?”

To make this survey successful, Forrester needs your help. If you are working in financial services in any role that is related to application delivery (including the more planning-and-strategy-oriented aspects of application delivery), please participate in Forrester’s Financial Services Survey 2010 by clicking here.” 

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