It's time for IT to get out of the business of running everything itself and move into the role of delivering technology value to the business. This is a core theme that runs through a large majority of Forrester's research and our advice to clients. But exactly how do you make this transition? Well, a good example can be found in Amylin Pharmaceuticals.

To keep pace with a changing business model and rapidly changing technology demands, Amylin had to dramatically change the way it delivered IT infrastructure services. This required consolidating and virtualizing its data center and implementing a new sourcing approach to service delivery that blended traditional deployment with a range of cloud services, including computing, storage, software development, and software-as-a-service (SaaS). We call this process strategic rightsourcing. As part of this transformation, Amylin used an extensive stack-ranking exercise to determine which IT infrastructure services to deliver internally versus fulfilling through strategic sourcing partners. Driving toward this optimal service alignment of internally and externally delivered IT infrastructure services has helped Amylin reduce IT costs by 15%, increase agility by reducing its infrastructure and data center footprint, and sustain investment in core competencies that provide a competitive advantage to the business.

Outsourcing no longer means handing the keys to the data center to EDS or one of its competitors. There is a better way. Are you embracing strategic rightsourcing? What services have you outsourced to date and how are you managing these relationships?