Every day, I chat with tech strategists about how they can stay ahead of a market that is shifting under their feet. We see from recent economic news that tech companies are leading the way through this recovery. In particular we are discussing the new models of delivery (cloud), the shifting buyer/influencer (business, IT AND the employee) and new technologies (new compute models, etc.). The buyer is the key to knowing what will happen in the next 5 years — not rearview shipment results. 

We have just launched Forrester’s Forrsights for Business Technology — our new global business data offering providing a 360-degree view of all buyers/influencers at firms (from 2 employees to global multi-nationals). Forrsights replaces and enhances our previous Business Data Services offering and is designed to help you predict and quantify tech industry growth and disruption.  

We made this change to orient our data insights around the questions that strategists need to answer:

  • “What is the global adoption rate of disruptive technologies like cloud computing, M2M, and virtualization?” . . . “How will this change over time?” . . . and “How do adoption rates vary by industry and around the world?”
  • “Who are the key influencers of major tech buying decisions?” . . . and “What are their priorities?”

You will see Forrester’s Forrsights data pop up in this blog from time-to-time, but if you’d like some more info right now, check out the Forrester Forrsights portion of our Web site. Let us know what data you need to help make your decisions!