Why is it so hard to execute on a business strategy? While it may seem easy to identify the roadblocks to execution, it’s often even easier to overlook the most important dynamic of all — people. Think about it: Most business strategies look great on paper. They’re well-thought-out and well-articulated. But what is written on paper requires execution — and that’s where people come in.

I’ve found that sales enablement initiatives often fall into the same boat. These strategies are often well-crafted, cross-functional in design, and cover all aspects of process, technology, and metrics. But no matter how you slice it, people are required to execute them.

Our client’s choice survey this month focuses squarely on the people dynamic. As we’ve engaged with Technology Sales Enablement professionals, we’ve found some recurring themes around sales coaching, sales management, and the profiles of salespeople. So please take a moment and weigh in, and we’ll write up some research that targets the area that receives the most responses.

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