Two of the key themes that we are currently working on within the Consumer Product Strategy role at Forrester are the concepts of Disruptive Product Strategy and Elevated Product Strategy.

Disruptive Product Strategy addresses how new consumer technology completely disrupts existing business models and product ranges, forcing an unprecedented degree of reactive product innovation.  Think about what eReaders and the iPad are doing to publishing, think about what the iPhone is doing to traditional mobile phone companies.

Elevated Product Strategy looks at how the challenge of this disruptive consumer technology compels the most senior elements of companies to take an active, leading role in the organization’s product strategy.  Think about how CEOs of book publishers and newspapers are making statements about what the future of their products will look like and empowering their organizations to implement their vision.

And this isn’t a dynamic that just affects media and technology companies; it applies equally to financial services, retailers, FMCG firms, etc. Consider how telephone banking transformed traditional banking, about how Internet retail impacted high-street shops, about how social tools changed brands' relationships with their customers.  And now, of course, all these sectors are being impacted again by the rise of mobile, of app stores, of the 24×7 connected consumer.

Today, we are kicking off a major global executive survey to complement our programme of research and we’d love you to take part!

Just click on this link to take part:

The survey should only take you about 15 minutes and will ask you questions such as:

·         What disruptive consumer technologies do you think represent the greatest threat and the greatest opportunity for your business?

·         How is your company responding to the challenge of disruptive consumer technology?

·         What organizational and structural challenges does your company face in responding effectively to disruptive technology?

·         How do you keep on top of disruptive consumer technology trends?

All participants will receive a complimentary copy of a report featuring results from the survey.

We look forward to your participation!

We’d also love to hear your thoughts here about how these dynamics are impacting your company’s product strategy.  We’ll be posting more on this topic soon, so stay tuned.