A belated welcome to Forrester’s online community for Content & Collaboration professionals! Fresh off the success of our inaugural forum, our analysts are excited to work on a variety of new research and projects inspired by the needs and goals of the clients we serve: YOU.

The community is a place for Content & Collaboration professionals to exchange ideas, raise opinions and questions, and share real-world solutions with each other. Our analysts will be helping facilitate these discussions, sharing their own views, and using your insights and necessities to drive their research agendas.

The community is open to ALL Content & Collaboration professionals, whether you’re a Forrester client or have yet to become one. Do you want to know how peers plan to support new smartphones and tablets in the workplace? How about the latest in collaboration platforms and the vendors serving them? What about unleashing the value of content with the next wave of analytics and management solutions? You can post these and more questions, thoughts, and ideas to the community.

Here’s what else you’ll find:

  • An easy to use platform where you can pose your questions and collaborate with peers.
  • Insights from our analysts, who weigh in frequently on the issues.
  • Fresh perspective from peers, who share their success stories and best practices.
  • Content on the latest technologies and trends — from Forrester and other thought leaders. 

I encourage you to become part of the community:

  • Ask a tough question about a daunting content or collaboration challenge.
  • Start a discussion on an emerging trend that’s having an impact on your firm.
  • Contribute to an existing discussion thread from a community member.
  • Suggest topics for upcoming Forrester research reports.
  • Create a profile and network.

Click here to go to Forrester’s Online Community For Content & Collaboration and hit Ctrl + B to bookmark it for easy reference.

See you at the community!