OpinionLab hosted a Webinar today where QuickenLoans – a leading direct lender in the United States – spoke about their voice of the customer (VOC) program and how they have integrated VOC into their existing processes.

One of the most interesting elements of the presentation in my view was where QuickenLoans discussed how they had integrated OpinionLab with Tealeaf to provide an unprecedented view into Web site visitors and activity.

Before I get into that, let me first explain what each of these vendors do:

OpinionLab: OpinionLab provides functionality to capture customer feedback on Web sites. QuickenLoans uses the service in several locations on their Web site and in several points in key processes.

Here is the QuickenLoans home page with a link to a customer feedback form:

The feedback form is powered by OpinionLab:

Tealeaf: Tealeaf provides a solution that records the activities and movement of Web site visitors in a way that allows clients to “playback” visitor sessions to better understand why a particular problem occurred.

These solutions on their own are useful for understanding and diagnosing user issues, but together they provide a holistic view into issues customer encounter on Web sites. In the QuickenLoan example when a Web site visitor submits feedback via OpinionLab feedback form, the QuickenLoans team that receives the feedback has the option of viewing the Web site visitor’s session using Tealeaf. QuickenLoans used the following example: a Web site visitor who was using a payment calculator sent in a comment (via OpinionLab) that they were unable to view results for a 15 year fixed mortgage within the rate and payment calculator. Within the email containing the customer comment, the QuickenLoans rep was able to click on a link and view the actual session (via Tealeaf) where the user ran into the issue.

Armed with this information QuickenLoans stated they are able to respond to customer issues faster than before and responding requires less follow up because they can see the problem versus having to have the customer describe it.

Aside from the obvious business benefit, the reason I like this example is it is a great example of making customer feedback actionable, and provides a concrete example where data integration drives the business forward by providing a customer view not previously possible.

Happy Holidays!