Though Google’s announcement of its new Wallet product is unlikely to be terribly disruptive initially (see Charlie Golvin’s post about it), it does signal yet another point of complexity facing eBusiness professionals today. We’ve been writing about this topic and advising clients about how to address it all year. We expect this subject, fundamentally agile commerce, to be a persistent theme for quite some time. So I thought it would be a good time to pull some of the good work my colleagues have been doing together around this topic of multitouchpoint proliferation (that’s a mouthful). 

Charlie Golvin and Thomas Husson have a fuller assessment of the Google announcement published that augments their existing blog investigation of the evolving multitouchpoint space.  Plus, they have been looking into the complex and changing mobile and payment space lately. See: Welcome To The Multidevice, Multiconnection World.

Here Thomas talks about how the Internet is being shaped by the proliferation of products through which we can access it: Mobile World Congress 2011: Going Beyond Mobile: Internet Innovation Is Incubating In The Mobile Crucible.

 And the picture evolves as the eBusiness teams get into the mix, right, it is about how we operationalize around these customer touchpoints, or don’t. 

Brian Walker has been leading our thinking around the whole notion of agile commerce, see his blog and these two key reports:

Alex Hesse has been looking at similar issues in his Next-Generation Digital Financial Services.

Peter Sheldon addressed the emerging ability to target by location in his Location-Based Commerce: An Evolution In Mobile Shopping.

Julie Ask has been writing about how to set strategy around mobile within the context of your overall strategic vision using our POST methodology and will shortly publish a seminal series of reports on the future of mobile. See her post about it. 

And Sucharita captures these trends nicely in her: Five Retail eCommerce Trends To Watch In 2011.

In both our research and project consulting work, we seek to help eBiz pros navigate these tumultuous waters.